Network Display Station (NDS™)

Rapiscan Systems’ Network Display Station (NDS™) enables security professionals to efficiently manage the continuous flow of bags for suspected threat objects and ensures the checkpoint screening process is thorough.

Network Display Station provides a secondary screening operator the same software tools as the main operator to view an X-ray image; showing all baggage contents with highlights of any suspicious objects. By providing secondary screeners with the annotated image to know exactly where to search in a suspect bag, NDS simplifies screening procedures.

Rapiscan NARCScan™

Rapiscan Systems’ NARCScan™ software improves the operator’s ability to quickly detect illegal and concealed narcotics – through automatic detection on all its baggage and parcel inspection systems.

By analyzing the targeted object for anomalies that might indicate concealed or actual narcotics, and displaying these as visual alerts in the operator’s screen image, the NARCScan software accelerates the scanning and narcotics discovery process at any screening station.

Rapiscan Target™

Rapiscan Systems’ Target™ function highlights a potential threat on the X-ray image. Used as an aid to accelerate the scanning process Target provides an automatic identification of potential explosive threat material. Target algorithms have been developed to detect a wide range of explosives and have been designed to meet stringent requirements of international airport security regulations.

Rapiscan Threat Image Projection

Rapiscan Systems’ Threat Image Projection (TIP) is designed to advance screener proficiency by providing more exposure to threats on a regular basis, and to track screener performance. At configurable frequencies defined by a supervisor, TIP inserts digital fictional threat images (FTI) such as guns, knives and bombs as if the threat object were actually packed inside the passenger’s bag into the regular flow of bags displayed on the X-ray system monitor. TIP improves the alertness of personnel at security points while focusing their attention on key tasks. Based on the screener’s response there are several outcomes that are the basis for all TIP performance scoring, feedback and data reports

Rapiscan NETView™

Rapiscan Systems’ Network Image Archive Review (NETView™) is designed to integrate multiple Rapiscan baggage and parcel inspection screening (BPI) systems, allowing the X-ray images generated by the many networked scanners, to be archived in a single Network Archive Storage (NAS) server. NETView allows image retrieval, review, processing, manipulation as well as image printing and export from a single operator NETView station.