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Tailored. Versatile. Comfortable.

A versatile collection of modular seating from Arconas. The design combines the elegance and comfort normally reserved for VIP lounges with the durability required for high-traffic waiting areas. Customize Aerea in a way that suits your space best. You can set up the seats with or without arms; and with free-standing or attached tables.


Inspired. Contemporary. Effortless.

Bernu is the most contemporary line from Arconas. Available with curved or straight beams, this finely-crafted products can be configured to create dynamic, inviting seating areas. The aeronautically-inspired design is sharp and modern, and seating is available with a selection of finishes and materials. With high-tech design, Bernu is effortless to install and maintain.

Bernù® aero

Light. Refined. Affordable.

Bernù Aero shares the same refined architectural elements as Bernù, but in a lightweight, aluminum, value-priced model. Available with curved or straight beams, Bernù Aero features comfortable, elegant upholstery and ergonomic construction. Engineered for excellence, this lightweight system performs like its heavier counterparts.

Bernù® aero poly

Bold. Vivid. Practical.

Bernù Poly delivers the high style and performance of Bernù combined with the practical touch of a polyurethane surface that’s easy to maintain. With anti-microbial properties and durable construction, Bernù Poly is the ideal choice for hospital waiting areas. Bernù Poly is available in a wide variety of colours.

It’s comfortable but not upholstered—just a smooth surface that makes good sense.

Bernù® aero wood

Bernù® Aero Wood adds warmth to waiting areas and public spaces. Available in two to five seat linear, curved, and cluster units, with optional arms and tables.


Comfortable. Timeless. Elegant.

Flyaway is the best-selling Arconas seating system, with more than 100 leading airports already embracing its classic design and superior performance. Flyaway offers high backs, effective lumbar support and thick cushions; footrests and drink holders. It’s the new global standard in airport seating.


Traditional. Strong. Durable.

Landings delivers comfort and durability in a simple, classic design. Its all-steel construction guarantees stability; its upper-back support and angled seating positions guarantee user comfort. Landings is a flexible seating system, available in single lines and in back-to-back configurations — and available with or without arms. The only thing that’s not optional is the quality.


Public Seating. Personal Space.

Place, next-generation public seating system delivering comfort and practicality in an elegant new design. With integrated power and USB at every seat, generous tablet arms, drink holders, under-seat storage and plenty of personal space. Place lets travelers work, read, game or consume media in style.

Place® power station

Place Power Station is a plug and play system equipped with power at every seat, tablet arms with integrated drink holders and power symbol on seatbacks. Available in 3 – 5 seat units.

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Flexible. Sturdy. Resilient.

Setz is available in a variety of colours with full, partial or no upholstery. It can be installed in single rows or in back-to-back configurations, with or without arms and tables. Setz is smartly conceived and exceptionally priced. Its all-steel construction means durability and easy maintenance

Setz™ bariatric

Setz™ provides the strength needed in bariatric applications. The 30-inch wide, ergonomically contoured seat pans are made from perforated steel. Chairs can be complemented with arms and upholstered pads for added benefit and comfort.

Comfortable and resilient seating for healthcare facilities, Setz bariatric can accommodate static loads up to 1000 pounds.


Connex is an extensive line of modular lounge seating with accompanying connecting tables. The seating components include: curved and straight single seats, 2 and 3 seat sofas, ottomans and benches.

Units can be connected together to create endless rows of seating. The 90° connecting table can be used to create inviting corners and unique seating layouts.

Connex’s modular lounge seating and tables can be used anywhere people come together: collaboration areas, hotelling areas, reception areas, waiting areas, libraries and more


Molecule consists of two components: a cylindrical upholstered seat and a curved backrest finished in wood veneer with upholstered pad or solid surface table top.

The two modular components of Molecule combine into an endless array of configurations and are designed to simply reconfigure on the fly to respond to the changing needs of any given space.