Optracon™️ M30

Optracon™️ M30 sensors combine state-of-the-art Radar with Video Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to produce a world first disrupting technology. A system that autonomously screens people as they walk through public access areas for mass casualty threats. This screening process is automatic, real time and completely safe. It can detect a stand-off threat when concealed beneath clothing and can operate at distances of up to 30 meters from the sensor.The system automatically tracks people within the threat detection area, quickly screens them, and then monitors anyone who generates an alert. As new people arrive the system will screen them too, whilst keeping track of those who have already been screened.


920DX is a High Performance 640mm by 430mm tunnel dual view checkpoint screening systems with excellent threat detection alert capabilities.


922CX is a High Performance 750mm by 550mm tunnel checlpoint screening system with best in industry resolution and excellent threat detection alert capabilities for large carry-on baggage and parcels at the checkpoint.


920CX is a High Performance 620mm by 420mm tunnel checkpoint screening system with best in class image quality and excellent threat detection alert capabilities


918CX is a High Performance, compact and versatile 540mm by 360mm tunnel X-Ray system with exceptional image quality and excellent threat detection alert capabilities.


The 920CT is designed to advance aviation cabin baggage screening into the future. It improves passenger experience while increasing their safety.


AlarmLincTM lifts situational awareness to a whole new level by bringing style and sophistication to visual monitoring systems. AlarmLincTM large display panels are unobtrusive during normal operations but provide prominent visual alerts in escalated states. Varying levels of alarm are now easily identified ‘at a glance’ providing a clear picture of a room’s activity at all times. The flexible and customizable AlarmLincTM is the future of visual monitoring systems.

Strategy Air™ Sit-Stand

Strategy Air™ Sit-Stand is a fully scalable solution for control rooms that take advantage of remote server technology. The innovative cable management system allows the console and the operator to be free from IT infrastructure and unsightly cables while offering long-term durability, functionality and a modern look and feel.

Rapiscan 620DV

The 620DV (Dual-View) is an advanced checkpoint screening solution, designed for aviation and other high security applications

Rapiscan 638DV 320kv

Identical in tunnel size to the current standard 638DV, the new 638DV 320kV uses two powerful, X-ray generators providing up to 70mm of steel penetration in both vertical and horizontal views simultaneously as required by U.K DfT – while the conveyor moves at a speed of 0.2 meters per second.

Rapiscan 638DV 200kv

The Rapiscan 638DV is an advanced Dual-View X-ray system for screening of ULD, ISO standard, lower deck and large cargo pallet type freights. Rapiscan 638DV is widely used for air cargo screening and customs applications where throughput is most important

Rapiscan RTT

Rapiscan Real Time Tomography: A Breakthrough Technical Innovation in Aviation Baggage Screening

The Rapiscan RTT is a ground-breaking aviation security technology that is designed to accurately detect an increased range of explosive threats and prohibited items, including liquid explosives when compared to the currently deployed CT systems. It features an innovative stationary gantry design that allows it to provide detailed 3-D images of the item being scanned at speeds of between 1500 to 1800 bags per hour. The Rapiscan RTT is designed to provide the best possible security at a lower overall cost of ownership to meet the specific operational demands of a modern airport environment.

Rapiscan Metor 6WP

The Metor 6WP is a versatile, state-of-the-art metal detector that combines advanced metal detection technology with an appealing, but practical design. The Metor 6WP is an excellent choice for temporary and permanent installations depending on your application

Rapiscan TSA PM704

The Rapiscan PM704 transportable personnel monitor is the solution for temporary radiation inspection applications. It is ideal for inspecting people gathered at events, such as sporting venues, political conferences or government functions. It also serves as a backup pedestrian monitor when additional inspection capacity is needed

Eagle Car Scanner Series

The Rapiscan Eagle® C02 is designed to scan cars and small vehicles to verify the contents and to identify the presence of hidden contraband, such as weapons, explosives and narcotics. The unit is fully self-contained with all of the equipment and features required to perform inspections at locations, such as critical infrastructure, government facilities and sporting stadia. Scanning is automatic and does not require operator intervention except to inspect the series of X-ray images that are produced, one image per scanned vehicle.

Rapiscan RXV Reflexion Vehicle

The Rapiscan® RXV Reflexion TM Vehicle is a Rapid Deployment mobile inspection platform offering maximum flexibility and maneuverability with inherent material separation assists in the rapid identification of threat and contraband items; such as plastic explosives, drugs, tobacco, currency and people smuggling. The System can also deploy the scanning module to provide safe unmanned stand-off.


Tailored. Versatile. Comfortable.

A versatile collection of modular seating from Arconas. The design combines the elegance and comfort normally reserved for VIP lounges with the durability required for high-traffic waiting areas. Customize Aerea in a way that suits your space best. You can set up the seats with or without arms; and with free-standing or attached tables.


Public Seating. Personal Space.

Place, next-generation public seating system delivering comfort and practicality in an elegant new design. With integrated power and USB at every seat, generous tablet arms, drink holders, under-seat storage and plenty of personal space. Place lets travelers work, read, game or consume media in style.