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As the world’s leading queue management specialist, Tensator offers a wide range of products that showcase the quality workmanship that has been their hallmark since 1881.


Tensabarrier® is one of the safest barriers on the market; it has a patented braking system that slows the retraction of the webbing, eliminating the risk of an accident within the queue

Airport Passenger Guidance (APG)

The passenger guidance system is a robust and safe solution that guides passengers when boarding and disembarking the plane, ensuring that dangerous under-wing areas are kept clear, putting safety first.

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Electronic Queueing

Electronic call forward solutions manage the distribution of waiting customers from the single line queues to the available service points on a first come, first served basis.

Self Service Systems

Multi-Service Machines (MSM) are self-service systems that can reduce operational costs, improve staff efficiencies, decrease customer waiting times and enhance overall performance by providing your patients with the autonomy to perform a large number of services themselves via secure 24/7 multi-service interfaces

Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra

The Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra is a next generation digital signage solution that is designed to enhance both the customer experience and the company brand. The Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra uses cutting edge technology to project an image and create the illusion of a real person.