Radiation Detection


A high sensitivity walk-through radiation portal monitor to automatically scan pedestrian traffic for radioactive inspection applications.

It is ideal for screening people at airports, border crossings, seaports, critical infrastructure and nuclear facilities. People are automatically inspected as they walk between the pillars of the monitor. The TSA PM700 is a standalone device with all the features and capabilities required for effective radiation inspection.


The TSA PM702 personnel radiation portal monitor (RPM) was designed for monitoring applications that require less sensitivity or for situations that require a semi-portable monitor.
While it has adequate sensitivity for security applications, it is primarily designed for use in hospitals, laboratories, and other locations where radioactive Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) need to be monitored.


Transportable personnel monitor is the solution of choice for temporary radiation inspection applications.
It is ideal for inspecting people gathered at events, such as sporting venues, political conferences or government functions. First responders can quickly transport the PM704 to a site and be ready to inspect people for radiation contamination. It also serves as a backup pedestrian monitor when additional inspection capacity is needed.


Portal monitor for radiation inspection of large vehicles and trains, especially with dense cargo.
It is ideal for screening vehicles at border crossings, seaports, airports, critical infrastructure and nuclear facilities. Vehicles are automatically inspected as they drive between the pillars of the monitor. The TSA TM850 is a standalone device with all the features and capabilities required for effective radiation inspection.


The TSA VM250 automatically screens vehicular traffic without the need for frequent calibration.
High sensitivity allows the VM250 to be used at such as uranium enrichment plants, weapons manufacturing and storage plants, nuclear laboratories, and nuclear waste disposal and storage sites where detection of Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) is essential. The VM250 is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Metor Radiation Detection

Integrated high performance radiation detection for walk-through metal detectors.
Metor® walk-through metal detectors are available with optional radiation detection capabilities in a single integrated system for people screening.

Mobile Van - TSA MD134

The TSA MD134 is designed to automatically scan vehicles or containers without the need for frequent calibration.
The system can be stationary to scan vehicles as they drive by or it can be mounted in a vehicle and driven past items to be scanned.

Back Pack - TSA MP100

Lightweight, high performance, easy to use radiation monitor housed in a compact commercial backpack.
All of the features required for radiation detection are integrated in the MP100.  It can be used as a standalone device and connected wirelessly to a Rapiscan® Systems oversight system for remote data collection and display. The MP100 is ideal for performing covert radiation inspection to find radiological and nuclear materials, for supporting security operations and for performing radiation surveys.

Handheld - TSA PRM470

Personal hand-held radiation monitor is ideal for searching at plant exits and material access areas, as well as contamination and background monitoring.
The small size, light weight, and long battery life make it ideal for searching vehicles that require extended search times. The PRM470 hand-held is a popular choice for locating radioactive sources and measuring intensity in the field.

Conveyor - TSA CM267

Seamlessly screen bags, boxes or packages on a moving conveyor for radioactive materials.
Aviation checked bag and pedestrian checkpoint screening system with highly sensitive detection for both gamma and/or neutron radiation.

The CM267 is a self-contained system housed in a single pillar with the gamma and neutron detectors for ease of installation and maintenance. An alarm output relay is standard which may be AC-coupled to stop or divert the conveyor automatically. The system is equipped with Ethernet communications capability for integration with the operator interface. Selectable settings for sensitivity, energy discrimination, and fault levels may be entered by the administrator.

Integrated Security Management -

TSA KCLOE is a scalable, modular, and cyber secure software platform that provides remote oversight capabilities for Rapiscan® Systems radiation detection products.
The software allows remote monitoring of multiple networked systems, reducing operational costs by allowing centralized monitoring of screening activities and system status of health. Optional advanced radiation identification capabilities are also supported by TSA KCLOE’s modular and standards based architecture allow easy integration of third party hardware including third party High Purity Germanium detectors, cameras, and other IP addressable devices.