In short, The Rapiscan RTT provides the lowest total operating costs to airports now and in the future.pic_0002

For Airports, employing the RTT can mean significant lifetime savings by reducing infrastructure and operational costs. With the stationary gantry the RTT has considerably lower downtime, meaning significantly reduced maintenance and repair cost when compared to other Standard 3 approved systems.

For Airlines, a Standard 3 approved system means no-show bags can stay on the airplane resulting in fewer delays due to abandoned baggage.

The Standard 3 approval validates our RTT technology and opens the door to expanding the HBS product line. By obtaining the Standard 3 approval, Rapiscan is now the best choice to work with in developing a future-proof HBS solution in countries abiding by the EU standards.

This is a milestone for the global RTT team; please join us in congratulating them for obtaining this most important standard.

Key Sales Tools for RTT

Available on the Extranet

Info Sheet
RTT80 Datasheet
Whitepaper: Realizing the Best ROI with High Speed EDS
Video on the Rapiscan YouTube Channel

Available on the HBS Toolbox or through your Rapiscan Sales Manager

Technical Presentation
RTT Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator
Technical Description

Dual Branded Collateral is available for Distributors. Contact Sylvie Froger for access.

Standard 2 Approval Makes MVXR5000 the First Choice for Multi-View EDS

Now with ECAC Standard 2 approval, the MVXR5000 is available to provide airports with the latest in multi- view X-ray technology. In addition to traditional hold baggage screening, the MVXR5000 fits multiple applications including air cargo screening, high speed mail and package screening and customs screening at airports. With built-in maintenance and system diagnostic tools the MVXR5000 lifetime is extended at a lower cost.

High Quality Detection Capabilities: With true multi-view pseudo 3D, 5 high quality views available to the operator and Rapiscan’s proprietary image enhancement feature Crystal Clear, MVXR5000 offers sophisticated tools for detection.
Reduced Costs: MVXR systems integrate well with existing Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) offering a lower cost entry to a high speed automatic detection upgrade and the MVXR5000 includes system diagnostic and maintenance tools for minimal down-time and scheduled management.
Improved Operational Effectiveness: MVXR systems are now available with highly extendable, highly reliable and highly flexible network configurations.

Join us in congratulating the MVXR team for passing ECAC Standard 2!

Key Sales Tools for MVXR

Rapiscan MVXR5000 Sales Binder

How to develop an HBS opportunity

1. Work with your Rapiscan Sales Manager and Marketing team to determine where each airport in your region stands on their HBS solution.

2. Create interest using top-level collateral available through the extranet.

3. Engage your sales manager to plan your visit to potential customers.

How to order

Lead times for RTT product deliveries will be quoted on a case by case basis, and must be approved by the Regional Sales EVP and the Chief Operating Officer. Quotes submitted without these approvals will not be honored. MVXR product deliveries will have standard lead times that will be quoted by regional sales management.

EMEA: Matt Cooper
AsiaPac: Frederic Brouiller
LATAM: Jeremy Norton
North America, Caribbean: Peter Kant