Auto-Z™ software is now available for the Rapiscan Eagle M60 with Material Separation option
(Mi6 Dual Energy – Eagle M60).* CUSTOMER BENEFITS

Auto-Z™ processes x-ray image data, and applies a detection algorithm based on fundamental material properties. Supporting high-throughput cargo screening Auto-Z™ automatically identifies the location of high-Z / high density material within even moderately dense cargo, items which may be difficult for an inspector to identify in the image.
Designed to detect high density threat items which could be shielded from detection by standard Radiation detection devices, Auto-Z™ provides real-time markup of the X-ray scan for immediate manual inspection intelligence.

Auto-Z™ is fully-integrated within the Rapiscan Cargo Viewer, and requires no changes to operational procedures.

This software solution is designed to aid the operator, helping reduce the potential for operator error, especially in high throughput environments.

Auto-Z™ provides the operator with real-time marking of areas which contain uncommonly high-Z materials within the cargo.

Threat objects hidden in dense or cluttered cargo, which would be challenging for an inspector to find in the X-ray image, are identified by Auto-Z and highlighted in the image. Even hidden objects that are not visible in the image are found. 
Operates automatically and does not rely on the skill of the inspector. 
Auto-Z™ is fully integrated with Rapiscan’s Cargo Viewer software, used on all Rapiscan Eagle® cargo and vehicle inspection products.
Auto-Z™ can be combined with Rapiscan’s radiation detection products to achieve a comprehensive capability to detect radioactive materials and nuclear threats.
Auto-Z™ can detect even shielded radioactive materials which may be missed by standard RPM’s

Auto-Z™ automatically analyzes data generated during cargo scanning. Because it functions in real time, the addition of Auto-Z does not change or slow down the cargo screening operation. It expands cargo inspection to include detection of nuclear threats, including objects that are not readily visible in the X-ray image.

Auto-Z is a member of Rapiscan’s Inspection Suite of Operator Assist tools that help improve cargo inspection performance and throughput.

Eagle M60 systems including Auto-Z™ Detection Software Solution have been sold to a US Government Customer for the inspection of cargo at border crossings and ports. Extensive testing has demonstrated that Auto-Z’s performance meets their requirements.

These sales put Rapiscan at the forefront of vendors offering operator assist products. Other promising opportunities are being pursued. These new products arm our sales force with proven solutions that none of our competitors can match.

All Rapiscan cargo and vehicle inspection products reflect our corporate commitment to excellence in imaging performance, design, ease-of-use and quality. This commitment results in products that have best-in-class imaging, low cost of ownership, high reliability and high operator satisfaction. Rapiscan offers its customers the largest selection of cargo and vehicle inspection products that share a common design philosophy.

Products available to meet the full range of inspection requirements – Rapiscan’s unmatched range of cargo and vehicle inspection products enables us to work with customers to define a solution that meets their inspection requirements. We can choose from products capable of scanning occupied vehicles to dense cargo in mobile, gantry, portal and fixed deployment configurations, which can be used alone or in combinations.
Minimize cost of ownership – Rapiscan recognizes that a customer’s price for a scanner must include the cost of ownership over the unit’s lifetime as well as the cost of acquisition. Therefore, we are constantly working to reduce cost of ownership.

An Information Sheet and presentation for the Auto-Z™ Detection Software Solution are now available for more information, contact the CVI Marketing Team:

Dave Ashworth ([email protected]).

* Auto-Z is compatible with Eagle portal, gantry, and mobile systems, and will be released to support the full range of Eagle cargo inspection products in the near future.